Introduction & objectives

Young scientists of today are called to be the pillars of the scientific community in the 10-20 years to come, strong institutions will be the ones that identify pathways to ensure their development.
The Living Territories 2018 conference is supporting young scientists to come and take advantage of the scientific momentum that it represents. YPARD is collaborating and joining efforts on this common direction by proposing Young researchers an onsite mentoring program.


YPARD is an international network that works to strengthen young professionals to enable them to fully participate to high level debates and decision making arenas in agricultural research for development.Young people can act as a bridge between institutional silos, disruptors of “science” as usual and catalysers of change. Scientists become scientists by apprenticeship.
 Apprentices need mentors to teach them and guide them all along their careers. That is how the generational handover happens.Mentoring programs enable these relations by creating specific and privileged spaces for these relations to happen and grow in confidence and goodwill.


  1. Young participants gain a clearer sense of purpose and goals as well as knowledge and skills about agriculture in the context of territorial approach to development through their mentor’s guidance
  2. Young participants improve their ability to contribute to innovative agricultural development
  3. Experienced experts and academics become skilled mentors and provide appropriate training for young people
  4. Mentees engaged in the program during the conference have a possibility to enter the network of mentors who regularly visit and support a global network of young people in agriculture.
  5. Improving opportunities for youth participants future employment
  6. Improve perceptions of agriculture through the promotion of successful young role models

 Specific objectives

  1. Giving the opportunity to the young participants of the conference to personally interact and learn from the experienced global experts
  2. Highlighting the participation of youth in the conference


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